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Frequently Asked Questions

Below in a listing of some of the most frequently asked questions about our company, our services, our packages and your health care concerns. Click on each question to get an instant display of the corresponding answer that we provide you. If you have further questions or any of our answers does not satisfy you, please, do not hesitate  contact us directly by phone, email or pay us a visit at our location and we will be glad to assist you further.



Who do we hire?
All HomeCare on Wheels Inc employees are put through a gruelling screening process that consists of both in person and over the telephone screening. Their references and credentials are all validated and a vulnerable police screening is submitted before an offer of employment is extended to them.
How many staff members do we employ?
Our team size varies due to the needs of our clients which vary substantially at times. This allows us to have a slew of casual employees that have worked with our organization over time.
Care team sizes?
Depending on the needs of our clients and the schedule of care that is developed we like to have 2-3 members involved. This ensures that there is always someone available if the main caregiver is unavailable. We are flexible to the needs and wants of our clients and if a caregiver is not a good fit on the care team we can provide an alternate.
What if we need more care?
Due to the variety of professionals we employ, it would be and has been no trouble in the past to increase services with little to no notice. Having access to a Registered Nurse 24/7 ensures you are in capable and caring hands no matter what situation you are in.
I have a doctor apt and I have no one to go, they said someone has to be there to escort me, can you attend?
HomeCare on Wheels staff can accompany you to the appointment with appropriate notice. A HomeCare on Wheels Inc staff can drive your vehicle if the proper insurance is in place and it is mutually agreed upon. HomeCare on Wheels also works with local transportation companies and can assist with arranging transportation on your behalf.
What makes you different than the other homecare companies?
We build relationships, and provide packages that allow us to mix and match different levels of service to provide affordable rates. Our team makes every effort to ensure you or your family are taken care of safely and respectfully in your home. Our mission is to provide a community to our clients, by ensuring all of their needs are taken care of. We do this by sending a monthly newsletter, progress reports to family, checking in on a regular basis, ensuring clients are aware of the things going on in the community and more.
How long does it take to set up service?
Depending on your need for service to start it could be next day. We understand how overwhelming it can be at times to enroll in a home support service, therefore we do our best to be flexible to our clients needs.
What types of things can caregivers provide?
Caregivers come from all backgrounds, therefore depending on clients desires we would match a staff member that had the right credentials for the care plan that is developed. . A list of individual services we can provide can be found at www.homecareonwheels.ca
What do you do with all of the information you collect about me?
The information we collect from you is stored on site for approximately 7 years after discharge from our services. At that time the data is destroyed. This file and the paperwork collected allow us to provide tailored to you care. It also ensures that we are properly monitoring your health and progress as our relationship grows. If at any time you would like a copy of your information one can be obtained for the cost of $10.00 – (covers the photocopying, scanning and sending)
How are services funded?
This service is a fee for use service. We bill bi-weekly invoices. We are an approved registered Veteran’s provider agency. Many insurance plans, life or work will reimburse the costs of some home care and personal care services. It is very important that you mention to your coordinator upon assessment if you are affiliated with any association or insurance companies as there may be funding available you are not aware of. Also important to mention is the government of Canada provides a disability and attendant care tax credits. These may not provide you money in hand but could substantially reduce the amount of tax owing at the end of the year. If there is something that you are curious about that has not been addressed, please send an email to info@homecareonwheels.ca, or call us at 519-203-4663.




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